The Sydney Steel Museum Society is exploring the opportunity of constructing a museum/interpretation centre on the waterfront in downtown Sydney. The members of the Society feel strongly that the history of the industrial age of steel making should be recorded and that the artifacts remaining should be collected. In the history of the steel mills, people form around the world were attracted to our communities having a direct impact on the make up of our present day society. Since the steel industry helped carve out today's communities, the Sydney Steel Museum Society feel it is extremely important to record and display this information now.

The museum will highlight the economic, cultural, and technological impact the steel industry had on Cape Breton, on Nova Scotia and on the nation. It will be a valuable tourist attraction as well as a source of education for younger generations. Students will learn about Sydney’s important and dramatic history such as the role Sydney Steel played in the Industrial revolution and World War II. Visitors will explore the human side of the industry, learn about the steel making process and witness the environmental impact on Cape Breton of a century of steel making.

The Building of a Steel Plant Museum – Progress to Date
In 2002, Mr. Harvey Webber, a senior community leader and skilled businessman, brought together a group of interested people to begin planning the "Sydney Steel Plant Museum" so that the dramatic history of steel making in Cape Breton could be preserved. Sadly, Harvey Webber passed away in early 2003, before the Steel Museum became a reality.

Many are determined to create the museum and progress is ongoing. Eric Parsons, a retired worker from Sydney Steel, is now Chairperson of the museum board of directors. The board and committees are hard at work planning the museum, gathering artifacts as the steel plant is being demolished and doing extensive research into the history of steel making in Cape Breton and the impact on the community.

The website is the initial development in the planning of the Sydney Steel Plant Museum. This site will serve as a virtual museum while keeping the public informed on the museum’s progress. The website will be developed by Carole Lee Boutilier (webmaster / programmer).


The Sydney Steel Museum Society was asked to exhibit a display at the Sydney Marine Terminal depicting some of the history of the 100 years of steel making in Sydney and its impact on the community. Also, an exhibit can been seen at the Swiss Chalet Restaurant in Sydney. Our exhibitions section has more information on the display along with pictures.

School Tours

In colaboration with the Cape Breton Victoria Schoolboard, the Museum Committee is visiting classrooms with presentations on the steel making process and the cultural impact the steel plant had on the development of Cape Breton. Elementary schools through to high schools are being visited. If you are interested in having our group visit your school please contact us.

How You Can Help
The research committee is busy gathering information on the Steel Plant. They are looking for the following: pictures, articles, documents, stories, any information pertaining to the Sydney Steel. If you have any information or know of someone who does please contact the committee at the following address. Your help will add to the development of a museum that will keep a vital part of Sydney’s history alive!

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