1951 Royal Visit Press Arrangements & Program at Sydney, N.S. (continued)

Drivers conveying Press Party Members to the Open Hearth should enter via No.1 or No.3 Gates and deliver their passengers to the North West end of No.2 Shop near Mixer. Passengers going to the Mills should be conveyed to the North West section of the Blooming Mill.

Car drivers acting as guides about the City will not be in-plant guides. Special guides will be provided each press group within the plant. Plant guides will be waiting for Press Party Members where car drivers deposit their passengers at the Open Hearth No.2 Shop or at the Blooming Mill.

Your Assignment Card indicates where you are to be conveyed. The guide or car driver also has an Assignment Card indicating which party he is to convey. Each Press Vehicle will show a green Press Sticker on left windshield and right side window.

Occupants of vehicles No.11 and 12 in the Royal Motorcade will not be admitted to the Steel Plant. Only six of the twelve cars in the Motorcade will enter the plant.

No additional tickets are required by Press Party Members. The Assignment Cards serve all purposes and gain admission where necessary.

Local Press Representatives covering the arrival of the Royal visitors are required to be in their positions at 9:30 A.M. at the Dock.

All Press Representatives and guides must abide by the tour regulations and adhere to Police instructions. No one may speak to Their Royal Highnesses without first being spoken to by them. The correct term of address is “Your Royal Highness” in one’s first reply to be followed in subsequent replies either by a repetition of this or “M’am” for the Princess and
“Sir” for the Duke. No cameramen, Broadcasters or Correspondents should approach within 15 feet of the Royal Highnesses. Should Their Royal Highnesses Approach within less than that distance of your positions you should in no way obstruct their progress.
Every Press Party Member is required to carry his special credentials and badge at all times. No one is to address Their Royal Highnesses without having being addressed first nor to request Their Royal Highnesses to adopt any pose, change of position or to repeat any action. Passing through police lines immediately before, during and immediately after the Royal Procession is not permitted. You will have to prepare yourselves in position
before the arrival of the Police Advance Party which will preceed (sic) every Royal
Procession and remain in that position until the Procession has completely
passed your location.



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