1951 Royal Visit Press Arrangements & Program at Sydney, N.S.

Below is a copy of the press arrangements and program for the visit of Princess Elizabeth and Prinve Philip

Press Room in Ballroom at Isle Royale Hotel. Tel. 5511.
Photography developing {at least six} rooms and Printing Rooms at Sydney
Post-Record. Tel. 5451.
Fellowship Quarters – Sydney Press Club. Tel.7092.

Telegraph and telephone facilities available in Press Headquarters
At Isle Royale Hotel.

Press party arrives at Sydney Airport at 1:30 A.M. November 10th
Via R.C.A.F. Planes.

Buses will be waiting at the Airport to transport Press Party
Members to the Isle Royale Hotel where accommodations will be waiting.

At 2A.M. there will be a welcome reception and Good-Night Buffet
Luncheon at the Sydney Press Club through courtesy of the Sydney Post-Record.
ROYAL VISIT PROGRAM SUMMARY: (Not for release prior to time shown}

At Quayside.
Disembarkation, presentation of Mayor, address of welcome, presentation
Of official party, presentation of flowers and signing of the Register.


Visit to Steel Plant – Their majesties visit the operation of The Dominion Iron & Steel Limited, a Dosco Subsidiary, to view the charging of Open Hearth Furnaces, the production of s
teel in Open Hearth Furnaces, the tapping of a furnace and the pouring of ingots, the hot rolling of ingotsinto blooms and the hot rolling of blooms into bars and rails.

Return to Quayside.

Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth presented with gift.
His Royal Highness Prince Philip presented with gift.
Few words by Her Royal Highness.

Only members of the Press Party in the Press Room at 9:30 A.M. November 10th, will be conveyed to the various locations chosen for press coverage. Desire of all Press Party Members to go to Dosco’s Steel Plant at Sydney is understood but the number who can be accommodated is of necessity restricted. Points where the Public and School Children are congregated also suggest themselves for press coverage and double assignments
are, therefore, being suggested for some Press Parties to accommodate as many
as possible at the Steel Plant.
Each visiting Press Party Member will have been delivered his assignment prior to his arrival at Sydney as a result of a draw. Cars will be provided with a driver and guide to convey those covering the respective assignments to their destinations. In each instance the courtesy driver-guide will remain with his own Party until they are ready to either return to the Press Room at the Isle Royale Hotel or proceed to the second half of his assignment. Driver-Guides whose passengers have double assignments should wait with them until both their assignments are completed.



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