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Web Quest - A Century of Steel


There is a rich and detailed history of steel-making in Sydney. It has played a signifiant part in shaping the local community and its people. It is important to understand the role the steel plant played in the growth of the Cape Breton.
You will take on the role of a reporter, step back in time and report on the events at the Sydney Steel Plant. Today the Sydney Steel Plant is in the final stages of its' demolition and clean up. Through this web quest you will see the Sydney Steel plant in its glory days and the difficulties that help shaped the strong character of Cape Bretoners.

The Task

The year is 1968, you are a writer for the Steel City post, the local newspaper. Your big break has just happened - your boss ask you to design and write a two page spread consisting of three articles on the Sydney Steel Plant, pictures and at least two extra elements (comic, ad, etc.). The articles will be written on the following topics:

  1. The history of the Sydney Steel Plant
  2. Life as a steel plant worker
  3. Black Friday - a major event in the history of the steel plant
You have been waiting for your big break and you plan to use your creative ability, research skills and strong writing capability to create three interesting articles on the Sydney Steel Plant. You realize graphics add to the layout so you plan on hunting for interesting pictures. You will place ads on the pages, comics or other elements to grab the readers attention.
Let's get to work!
The Process

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