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Web Quest - A Century of Steel

The Process

You will be required to write three articles:

  1. History of Sydney Steel Plant - This article will highlight key stages in the plant's development from its birth in 1899 to May 22, 2000 when the last rail was rolled at the Sydney Steel Plant.
  2. Life as a Steel Worker - This article must describe the steel workers job and the conditions under which they worked. You may add in quotes from steel workers you interviewed. Be creative with your writing.
  3. Black Friday - This article will describe the events leading up to Black Friday and how the situation was resolved. "First hand accounts" and interviews can be added to your article.

Your information for the articles will come from the websites provided on the resource page. When writing the articles you must correctly describe the events; however, you can create characters to "interview" for your articles. Remember a good reporter wants to grab the readers attention!

Format Requirements

  • The newspaper should include a masthead at the top of the first page with a newspaper title and publication information.
  • All articles must be typed in column format.
  • You must include photographs to make your newspaper more interesting and authentic.
  • Use your imagination and copies of local newspapers to get ideas to make your newspaper more authentic. Look at how newspaper articles are written and try to copy the style.

Let's get your resources!

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