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Web Quest - A Century of Steel


The 20th century marked the rise and fall of a major steel industry in Sydney, N.S. A small government town was transformed into a large industrial city that became known as “the steel capital of Eastern Canada”.
Today the Sydney Steel Plant is in its' demolition phase. Younger generations did not witness the plants successes of past years. This web quest hopes to show the student how the Sydney Steel Plant made major contributions to the development of Sydney and helped shape the the wide culturally rich community.

Despite the rough working conditions, the economic ups and downs and the environmental problems that come with large industry, steel plant workers are proud of their heritage. They have made life-long friendships with other workers and are the driving force behind the push to have a Sydney Steel Museum erected. If you drive by the Sydney Steel Plant take a moment to envision an active, successful steel plant where thousands went to work each day. This is part of Sydney's history and the history of a proud people.


  1. Would you like to work at a steel plant? Why or why not?
  2. Do you have a new appreciation for the hardships faced at times by the steel plant employees?
  3. On November 19, 1967, 20,000 marchers gathered near the plant gate and the Sydney Shopping Centre to start the one-mile march up Prince Street to the Sydney Sports Centre. What did this parade of concern show about the community's spirit? Could such a parade occur today?
  4. What did you find to be the most interesting in the readings?
  5. Do you know someone who worked at the steel plant? If so, ask them about their work and the plant.
  6. Would you like to see a Steel Plant Museum built in Sydney?


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