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Web Quest - A Century of Steel


This webquest was constructed by Carole Lee Boutilier. She is in the UCCB/Memorial BED program. Carole Lee is the webmaster for this website and for the SYSCO website.


The three major sources for information gathered for the creation of this webquest are as follows:

  1. The SYSCO website (Sydney Steel Corporation)
    This website provides information on the former Sydney Steel Corporation located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. Once an active steel plant, Sysco now operates as a provincial Crown Corporation with key activities including demolition, site clean up and redevelopment of the property as an industrial park.

  2. The Sydney Steel Plant Museum website (currently unavailable online)
    The website is the initial development stage. This site will serve as a virtual museum while keeping the public informed on the museum’s progress.

  3. The Media Awareness Network website
    Resources and support for everyone interested in media and information literacy for young people.

There are other websites where information about the Sydney Steel Plant can be found:

Sydney, Cape Breton - a website highlighting aspects of Sydney including a brief history that discusses the role of the steel plant in Sydney's growth.

The History of Mining in Cape Breton - Coke Making in Eastern Canada.
The history of coke-making in Canada is presented on this website along with information on the Sydney Steel Plant.

Nova Scotia Canada - Sydney Tar Pond Agency - A government website presenting a historical overview of the Sydney Steel Plant.

42Explore - A website takes and interesting look at iron and steel while providing links to other site on the steel making process.


Website designed by Carole Lee Boutilier
Pictures compliments of Ray Martheleur
Last updated February 1, 2006