In 1899 the Dominion Iron & Steel Company commenced construction of Sydney's first steel mill.


The Sydney Steel Plant operated for over a century until its' closure in 2000.


The main product of the steel plant was rails.



Welcome to the Sydney Steel Plant Museum Website. Here you will find a wealth of information, videos, pictures, poems, songs and literature on the history of the Sydney Steel Plant. Steel making was an integral part of Cape Breton history for over a century. Although the steel plant at Sydney is no longer in operation its' impact on the community lives on through the diverse cultures that populate the Island and the stories and songs that tell of the lives of steelworkers.

Join us on a journey that will take you through the steel making process while exploring the cultural heritage of Cape Breton. This website was established by the Steel Plant Museum Society in
order to share the extensive collection of stories, pictures, artifacts and information on our rich history. Soon we will be adding a database to the site
where you can search for information on relatives
and friends who were employed at the plant from its birth in 1901 to its closure in 2000.

We are in the planning stages of creating a museum that will host the numerous artifacts, pictures and documents. We are very excited withwhat we have to offer the public and education sector. Please take time to explore our website and continue to check back for new articles and pictures.

Steel Workers Monument

The Steel Workers Monument that was located outside the former Local 1064 Union Hall has been moved to Harbourside Commercial Park

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Take a walk back in time and feel the heat of the open hearth furnaces, read of our wartime contributions and see the faces that helped build a proud community in our history section.
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We have an extensive collection of pictures of the Steel Plant, workers, and the historic Cape Breton area.
Visit our gallery...you may see a face you know!
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Thank you to all who have volunteered their time and effort for our project. The Museum Committee would also like to thank the following who have helped our efforts to establish a museum, website and a growing relationship with education community:

We are looking forward to providing the community and education sector a wealth of information on our proud heritage.









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